Built to a standard not a price.

The boundry fence has become an increasingly important design feature for you and your neighbours.
At Essential Fencing and Gates we source only genuine COLOURBOND steel fencing products.
Colourbond and slat gates are a affordable, strong and aesthetic element of your properties security, gates are made to order fitted with a standard D-latch or key lockable.
Tubular Fencing
Tubular steel fencing ranging from simple to elegant, all tubular fencing and gates made to order and are swimming pool compliant in all colourbond colours.
Fence Extensions
Fence extensions can add a element of privacy in extending the height of your existing fence with either colourbond, lattice or slats.

Storm Damage

Supply and install of colourbond fencing and gates for new sites and for replacement of storm damged fencing.

Colourbond Colours

Colourbond, the colour centre of Australia. A wide range of colours to choose from.

Temporary Fencing Available

Temporary Fencing, Securing Outdoor Areas Quickly & Easily.

  • Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Servicing south of Perth. Built to a standard, not a price.